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Elite Gem Silica on 14k Gold

Gem Silica is a form of Chrysocolla that is one of the most rare, valuable variations of Chalcedony in the world. Famed for its almost neon brightness and deeply saturated teal color, Gem Silica is a true show-stopper - all day, every day.

This particular pendant boasts a stunning, 17.15 ct cabochon of Gem Silica that is set in 14k Yellow Gold. The bale of this pendant showcases a 3mm Diamond. The pendant rests gracefully on a 14k Yellow Gold Snake Chain. It is a perfectly simple masterpiece.

Chrysocolla exudes gentleness and power known to assist with balanced mindsets and intentional communication.  This is of benefit to relationships–to the self or to others– that may have become strained. The stone calms and cleanses the chakras, and connects them with the divine. Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness and mitigates guilt, mental tensions, and fear.

This stone is purifying, and stimulates relaxation and inner peace. Chrysocolla provides comfort in times of transition, change, or new beginnings in one's life. 

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