Witchful Thinking!

Your cauldron will include one Druzy Agate pendant, one Lepidolite & Tourmaline pendant, one bundle of sage, and a SPECIAL TREAT.

*Sizes may vary from photo. Chains are not included.

If your emotions feel out of control, Druzy Agate can aid you in soothing your mind and your nerves. But that’s only the beginning. This stone doesn’t just assist healing — it connects you to your own innate ability to revive and strengthen your resolve. Now you can move towards growth on your own terms. With confidence in your step and a smile on your face.

Feeling anxious is normal, but it’s never comfortable. Lepidolite can ease the burdens that weigh on your mind and relax the tension you feel in your body. Hold the stone in your hand or wear it close to your heart to let go of obsessive thoughts and release stress, anxiety, and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

Transition is hard. Lepidolite gives you the power to do it on your own terms.

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