The Story

Pratt Daddy Crystals was born out of devotion to the most important force in the Universe: healing. After Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt’s wife (and the light of his life), underwent a series of surgeries leaving her in such severe pain that even morphine could not relieve, he vowed to do anything he could to ease her struggle. Spencer started looking for alternative healing methods that the doctors had not recommended. What he found was Sugilite, a rare purple mineral that emanates peace and beauty. More importantly, it helped Heidi’s pain. She held the crystal as she drifted off and spent her first dream-filled night with no fear of pain or nightmares. The crystals, both Spencer and Heidi agree, were magic. Now, Spencer has devoted his life to bringing the energetic benefits of crystals to every last person in the world. Pratt Daddy Crystals is an exclusive line of jewelry that radiates beauty and heals the soul every hour of every day. From dark days to red-carpet premieres, the collection boasts crystals for every feeling, mood, and occasion. You’ll be the talk of the room when you’re rocking Pratt Daddy’s elite drip — your natural beauty enhanced by unique pieces that shine with good vibes and all of the universe’s best wishes and intentions. Each and every one of a kind piece of jewelry in this collection is ​curated by Spencer, hand-crafted by master artisans, and guaranteed to make you shine.