You can find the right crystal for you by calculating your life path number according to Numerology. Numerology is a science of numbers which dates back to ancient cultures. Numerologists believe that every number responds to it’s own unique energy source. When you wear a crystal associated with your personal number, you will be able to tap into your hidden inner energy.

To find out what number represents your life path, use the following calculation:

Add the numbers from your day of birth: 
10 = 1+0= 1

Add the numbers from your month of birth: 
11= 1+1= 2

Add the numbers from your year of Birth: 
1970=1+9+7+0= 17

Add the results of the final numbers for the day, month and year of birth: 
1+2+17= 20

If the final number is composed of 2 digits reduce by adding them.

This is your life path number: 2+0= 2

Garnet: Courage and Strength
You’re meant to thrive, but some days you’re just doing your best to survive. That’s when Garnet comes to the rescue — to clean, to revitalize, to bring out hope and courage (even when you didn’t know they were there). You can always call on Garnet in a crisis, but let it serve you during the good times, too.
Let it lead you to live in the moment.

Rutilated Quartz: Security, Diplomacy, Self-Confidence
It’s easy to say “spread your wings,” it’s much harder to do when you’re being held down by the baggage and pain of the past. That’s where Rutilated Quartz comes in. This crystal promises to illuminate your soul, promote spiritual growth, and break down those barriers that keep you from being your ideal self. 
Whether you can truly let go of the past is a question only you can answer — this crystal will help you decide and then learn how to fly.

Amazonite: Communication and Creativity
When life has you feeling like Mercury’s always in retrograde, Amazonite can help you restore the harmony you so desperately need. Whether your conflict comes from within or is the result of a misunderstanding with others, this stone can help you approach problems from a different perspective. 
Keep Amazonite close when you need to think outside the box or foster healthy, loving communication in times of stress and frustration.

Jade: Balance, Stability, Well Being

Jade is known for its beauty, but beneath its perfect exterior, it conceals powerful energy that will bring protection, prosperity, and good fortune into your life. Hold or wear this precious stone when you need to feel safe. Or keep it close by when you sleep — Jade is known for bringing forth insight and deep inner knowledge through dreams.

Aquamarine: Peace, Courage and Tolerance
Looking for courage? Look for Aquamarine. Dressed up or down, this beautiful crystal never looks out of place. Walk from the boardroom to the red carpet feeling tranquil, intuitive, and never waver from speaking the truth.
Accept life as it comes —curveballs and all.

Peridot: Harmony and Light
Growing up is hard to do, but if you’re ready to take some much-needed steps to bring your emotional health to another level, Peridot is what you need in your life. This precious stone will open your heart, calm stress, and help you combat anxiety through self-compassion. It’ll also help you see the world through others’ eyes — allowing you to find understanding and seek solutions to conflicts. (And like other green stones, it’ll draw you towards wealth. What a bonus!)

Amethyst: Inner Light and Spirituality
Whether you want to manifest contentment or tap into a higher vibration, you can’t choose a stone more spiritually powerful than Amethyst. This crystal will cleanse and brighten your body and aura, quiet the turmoil you feel, and bring about a sense of tranquility as you navigate the stormy waters of life.

Citrine: Material Success, Self-Confidence and Intellectuality
The Energizer Bunny’s got nothing on Citrine — a powerhouse crystal that will keep you going, and going, and going, until you’ve got all that you want in the palm of your hand. 
Known for its ability to manifest abundance, this stone will help you attract dollar bills while dissolving any dark energy that may come your way.

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love and Friendship
For those just starting their journey in the world of crystals, Rose Quartz is an essential. This gorgeous stone promotes love, peace, and healing as it opens your heart chakra to let more of the good stuff in. Just looking at it can be enough to calm nerves and release stress and anxiety during a hard day. Whether you’re single or currently in a relationship, Rose Quartz can help you create the conditions for the romance of your dreams. It inspires harmony, bliss, and trust in yourself and those whom you love (and love you).