I Put A Spell On You!

Your cauldron will include one Chrome Tremolite pendant, one Rhodonite pendant, one Eudialyte pendant, one bundle of sage, and a SPECIAL TREAT.

*Sizes may vary from photo. Each pendant comes on an 18" Gold Filled Chain.

If you have trouble sitting with your own thoughts after a long and difficult day, then Chrome Tremolite is the stone you’ll want to come home to. Hold this mineral close as you meditate or sleep to connect to your higher consciousness and unlock the secrets of your own inner world. Chrome Tremolite will help you feel at peace and in harmony with the world as it floods you with light and positive energy. Everything’s going to be okay.

Give yourself the gift of inspiration. Rhodonite will fire up your creative juices, heighten your sense of self-worth, and aid you in putting what you want out into the world without fear. If pain from the past is holding you back, this crystal can aid in easing the symptoms to inspire love, kindness, and compassion for yourself and for others.

Eudialyte carries positive vibrations and has the ability to assist heart-based loving energy to fill your life. It has a strong ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life. It creates an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves.

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