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Lavish Breast Oil

Lavish Breast Oil

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Pratt Daddy x Kat Villain Collaboration


Breasts are the source of our species manna, the most perfect food, they are hormone balancers and estrogen accumulators. Lying so close to the armpits and lymph nodes, they tend to accumulate the toxins of modern day living, especially in the form of estrogen mimickers, such as BPA plastics that are everywhere and in everything. This wreaks havoc on the hormonal system, increasing the chances of breast cancer. Preventative breast health and detoxification is essential to our feminine health. 

This oil is formulated using botanicals that contain a tremendous amount of limonene. This chemical constituent has been shown in the lab to reverse cancer in the mammary glands of mice. It penetrates easily into the skin as limonene lingers longest in fatty tissue, such as the breast. Limonene in turn helps the liver detoxify while yarrow helps counterbalance the ill effects of radiation accumulation, and is a protectant from it as well. Laurel is the most efficient lymph gland detoxifier, ensuring that any toxins pulled out of your breasts are sent to organs of excretion for removal. Immortelle is a powerful wound healer, whether physical or emotional and works wonders in the body. Lavender disentangles the anxieties of the mind and allows you to relax into this massage.

Ingredients: pomegranate oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, EO’s of frankincense, yarrow, orange oil, laurel, immortelle, lavender.

1.7 oz serum dropper


Lavish your breasts with this oil. Rub from the base up and around the outer edges of the breast so that you encourage movement towards the lymph nodes in the armpits. Don’t miss a single bit of breast tissue and encase yourself in gratitude as you perform this self-love ritual. Best if used two weeks on and two weeks off, ideally using it during the first phase of your moon, menstruation up until ovulation.

Precautions: Avoid use in pregnancy. If trying to conceive be sure to only use this blend in the first part of your cycle, between when menstruation wanes and up until ovulation peaks. 


Kat crafts her potions with the whisperings of the moon and the energy of the sun so that each blend is fluid and ever-evolving to meet the changing circumstances of life. Through seasonal direction and atmospheric influences, these blends are designed to balance one’s life and then integrate one’s experience. From many years of sourcing the highest quality and scent-divine essential oils and many more years of crafting, the potions that she creates are truly unique. Many essences are not used by the companies you see on store shelves, for they are  too costly to procure, and most focus on catering to the masses rather than the creative individual. Her approach is daring and electric, ushering awake the spirit in the human, so the divine can speak through form. Each batch is hand-made, no two are ever truly alike and just like nature, they are never to be replicated. This makes it relevant to the times and ever-changing to circumstance. Consistency is left for the lab and Fumescent is made for change. There are zero chemicals or preservatives, and all are crafted in an off-grid sustainable facility where sun and earth and moon and water support the home and livelihood of the family. 

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