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Lemurian Quartz with Diamond Pave Hummingbird on 14k Gold

Made in the USA by master artisans and craftsmen

18" 14k Italian Gold Chain

Lemurian Quartz wrapped in 18k yellow gold with diamond pave hummingbird 

White Diamonds- 1.0 tcw FVVS

This type of Quartz is exceedingly rare, as are its properties. Though other crystals have wisdom to offer, the Lemurian Quartz is one of the few that’ll assist you in recognizing that you’re a being that exists in many dimensions.

Keeping this crystal in your collection will help you connect to the collective knowledge of the universe — letting you bring the wisdom of the ancients into this moment to guide you, protect you, and cleanse your karmic energy.

Each piece is custom made exclusively for Pratt Daddy by Jaimie Geller Jewelry.

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