Rhodochrosite, Sapphires & Diamond on 14k Gold

Made in the USA by master artisans and craftsmen

22" 14k White Gold Chain

Approximate dimensions: 1 7/8" x 3/4"

Diamond ct: .13

Stop and think for a moment: How does your heart feel? Heavy or empty? Alive with a passion for life? No matter what your heart feels right now, Rhodochrosite will help bring it back to a place of balance and harmony. Hold it when you need to feel compassion for yourself and for the people in your life or when you need to relieve stress and anxiety.

While this crystal can’t guarantee that it will bring love into your life, it can work to attract your soulmate. There’s a slight catch: That soulmate may not be your greatest romance. But it’ll be someone who will teach you life lessons and help you discover your true potential. You in?

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