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Sacred Immortal Scrub & Mask

Sacred Immortal Scrub & Mask

Each item is made to order to ensure the most pure and fresh product. Please allow two weeks for your item to be created and shipped.

Pratt Daddy x Kat Villain Collaboration


We arrive into winter with skin that has been over-exposed to the solar rays of summer and wrinkled by the dryness of autumn. To cultivate a skin care routine focused around moisturizing, exfoliating and replenishing the skin during the quietude of winter manipulates the effects of life’s aging on the skin. Time manipulation is what winter is all about. Learning how to fight the pull of the moon and alter the ravages of time places one in the realm of the immortal alchemists. 

Myrrh is known for its preservation properties and the aim is to preserve the beneficent. Frankincense plays with the transcendent to allow one to dance in the realm of the subtle and the spiritual. Together these two bring spiritual immanence back on the planet, that the sacred is found in every rock, creature, leaf, and all their inter-actions. 

Helichrysum is renowned for its skin rejuvenating, complexion enhancing, and wound healing properties. Used on the face, its Latin name immortelle becomes known. Yarrow’s crystalline blue color combats any redness, inflammation, and is of benefit to the lungs. Not only that but it combats radiation, especially that of 5G radiation. When you live on a world, you have to know what you are protecting yourself from, and then use the plants to your advantage to potentiate your health and beauty. 

The butters and clays moisturize, purify, and detoxify. The result is a journey into sacred self care with plants that have been used throughout the ages to initiate you into the ageless. 

2 oz 

After rinsing with water use this potion directly on the face, massaging into the skin, and allowing it to sit for as long as you please. Rinse with warm water and if you feel the need to you can follow up with a face oil or butter. But this mask is incredibly hydrating and your face will feel like silk when you are done, so it can be used alone. Repeat once or twice a week.

Kat crafts her potions with the whisperings of the moon and the energy of the sun so that each blend is fluid and ever-evolving to meet the changing circumstances of life. Through seasonal direction and atmospheric influences, these blends are designed to balance one’s life and then integrate one’s experience. From many years of sourcing the highest quality and scent-divine essential oils and many more years of crafting, the potions that she creates are truly unique. Many essences are not used by the companies you see on store shelves, for they are  too costly to procure, and most focus on catering to the masses rather than the creative individual. Her approach is daring and electric, ushering awake the spirit in the human, so the divine can speak through form. Each batch is hand-made, no two are ever truly alike and just like nature, they are never to be replicated. This makes it relevant to the times and ever-changing to circumstance. Consistency is left for the lab and Fumescent is made for change. There are zero chemicals or preservatives, and all are crafted in an off-grid sustainable facility where sun and earth and moon and water support the home and livelihood of the family. 

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