Crystal Spotlight: Phantom Quartz

Crystal Spotlight: Phantom Quartz

crystal spotlight: phantom quartz!

Phantom Quartz has one of the most unique appearances of all crystals. That’s because this stone is actually made up of two crystals—the primary growth and secondary growth. The formation of the crystal goes through different phases of growth. It begins developing as one stone, and then pauses as the growth of a new stone begins. When the secondary growth stops, the primary growth begins again and eventually envelopes the other crystal. This is what gives phantom quartz the appearance of having one stone inside the other. The phantoms’ color can be attributed to the presence of other minerals; iron, hematite, chlorite etc.

In the metaphysical community, Phantom Quartz can teach how to move onto the next level. They enhance your understanding of growth and enlightenment. They show the cycles of life and the need for the old to die to give life to the new. They facilitate broader spiritual awareness and smooth all periods of transition creating effortless movement between stages of growth. They allow for assimilation of past lessons and reveal the strength within one's spiritual core.

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